Historia marki Zelmer

Zelmer - a Polish legend and enduring Polish quality.

The history of the Zelmer brand dates back to the 1950s. It was then that the first brand-new Alfa vacuum cleaners rolled off the production line, quickly becoming essential equipment in most Polish homes - and today they are remembered with equal sentiment as the first black-and-white television sets. This legendary line of vacuum cleaners with its elongated, streamlined shape was manufactured for another 24 years without interruption.
In time, Zelmer's portfolio was expanded by the addition of other household appliances, such as food processors, meat mincers, coffee grinders, hand mixers and many other devices useful in the kitchen and beyond.

Although there have been changes in the official names of production plants and brand owners in the company's 50-year history, Zelmer remained a leading manufacturer of household appliances which, in the opinion of its customers, are invariably distinguished by one thing - Polish reliability."

History of the Brand


"Construction of the H. Cegielski Machine Tool Factory, Rzeszów Branch, begins. The site was previously home to the Mars Field Kitchen and Military Equipment Factory. "

Zelmer - historia marki


During the Second World War, Cegielski's factory was destroyed and the machinery and raw materials were taken to the Third Reich.


The Rzeszów Bicycle and Baby Carriage Factory was set up - a state enterprise that would later be transformed into the Zelmer factory.

Zelmer - historia marki


After the name was changed to Rzeszów Domestic Appliances Factory, production of the first vacuum cleaners from the Alfa and Gamma lines began. The Alfa K-2 model rapidly conquered both the Polish and foreign markets.


The Zelmer trademark (short for Zaklady Elektromechaniczne w Rzeszowie) was registered - the logo is the brand name placed above the sun in a circle. The company also changed its official name once again, this time to "Zelmer" Rzeszowskie Zakłady Elektromechaniczne im. Augustyna Micała. Production of vacuum cleaners exceeded 80,000 units.

Zelmer - historia marki


The company was incorporated into the Predom Association of Manufacturers of Mechanised Domestic Appliances and thus operated under the name Predom-Zelmer in the 1970s and 1980s. The range of products increased considerably and the appliances not only enjoyed an excellent reputation at home, but were also exported in large numbers.

End of the 1980s.

Zelmer launched its first advertising spot.


With the birth of a new era, the company changed its name again - to Zelmer Mechanical Domestic Appliances Plant in Rzeszów.


Zelmer starts online sales.

Zelmer - historia marki


Zelmer S.A. debuts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Zelmer - historia marki


Zelmer becomes the 1st company in Poland and 3rd in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of market share in small domestic appliances.


The Zelmer Group is established. Appliance production moves to a modern factory in the Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone in Rogoźnica near Rzeszów.

Zelmer - historia marki


The BSH Group Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH becomes the majority shareholder of Zelmer. As the sole owner, BSH withdraws the company's shares from the stock exchange and Zelmer is incorporated into the capital group. Both enterprises cooperate both in Poland and in other markets.


The right to use the Zelmer trademark and brand is acquired by the Spanish group B&B Trends. Since then, Eurogama Sp. z o.o. has been responsible for the distribution of the products, which means that both the brand and the product range are managed by Poles. Poles create the assortment.