Zelmer - the legendary brand of household appliances
with Polish roots and a European reputation.

We specialise in the production of appliances indispensable in every home, such as kettles, mixers, blenders, meat mincers, vacuum cleaners or irons, as well as beauty care products, such as hair dryers, hair clippers, straighteners and many others. Zelmer brand appliances make life easier for consumers not only in Poland, but also in many Central and Eastern European countries where they are distributed. Our mission is to supply households with small household appliances which are distinguished by their convenience, solid workmanship and best value for money.

The Zelmer brand is:

Reliability and durability

You say "Zelmer", you think "reliable". Each and every one of our appliances undergoes thorough testing before it enters production - so that it can later withstand the rigours of everyday life. What consumers appreciate most about us is the exceptional durability of our appliances, which serve them well for years. Many products with the Zelmer logo found in Polish flats remember the past decades. A lot has changed over the years: technology, fashion, even the owners of the brand, but one thing will always remain the same - top quality and solid workmanship.


Design in service of comfort

Functionality must go hand in hand with aesthetics, which is why all Zelmer appliances are designed to be discreet adornments to the home. Our design combines the best of traditional models with contemporary requirements. We use the highest quality plastics, stainless steel, glass and other highly resistant materials in our production, and our household appliances are appreciated by consumers every year for their quality and design, ensuring above all the comfort of use.

Zelmer - Odkurzacz

More than 50 years of market presence

We are one of the oldest manufacturers of household appliances in the Polish market. Zelmer appliances have accompanied several generations of our customers. Grandma's fondly remembered meatballs, your parents' fragrant Christmas cheesecake or the vegan sandwich spread you made for breakfast today? There is a good chance they were all made with Zelmer appliances. We have always wanted and continue to want to be the domestic helper you can rely on in any situation. Everyday life is easier when you have a reliable partner to support you in your household chores - and that partner is Zelmer.

We are a company with Polish traditions and we know perfectly well what the demanding consumers in this country expect. Proudly continuing the brand’s long history – which dates back to the mid-20th century and reflects all the epochal changes in Poland – we make sure that the offer currently available in shops is also the responsibility of Poles. It is they who manage both the Zelmer brand itself and product development.